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Glaucoma Evaluations and Laser Therapy

Glaucoma can be a silent threat to your good vision. The most common form is painless and slow
progressing. This disorder, even once diagnosed, may cause irreversible optic nerve damage and
blindness. When glaucoma is detected early and treated with the proper medication, vision can usually
be preserved. Our surgeons are New Jersey glaucoma specialists. They have helped thousands of New Jersey patients retain good vision either through drug treatment or glaucoma surgery.
Glaucoma is a condition caused by damage to the optic nerve. The damage occurs when blood pressure
in the eye becomes elevated, limiting the optic nerve’s ability to transmit information to the brain.
Glaucoma may start with the loss of peripheral vision and later advance to reduced central vision. Left
untreated, it may eventually lead to blindness.
There are approximately 2.2 million Americans age 40 and older with glaucoma. Half of those people
are at risk of losing their sight because they do not know they have the disease. With annual eye
exams, vision loss from glaucoma can be prevented. Unfortunately, most people do not notice
symptoms until they experience some vision loss.
Studies have shown that certain groups, such as African Americans, have a higher incidence of
glaucoma and experience it at a younger age than other racial groups. Others considered at risk are
people with diabetes, anyone who has had a serious eye injury, people who have close relatives with
glaucoma and older people in general.
The test for glaucoma is painless and is an important reason to schedule a yearly eye exam. Contact us
for your yearly exam.


SLT is one an advancement over other lasers that have been used safely and effectively in the
treatment of intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-angle glaucoma for more than two
decades. It is a safe and simple 5 minute in-office laser treatment that effectively reduces the pressure
in the eye for most patients with glaucoma. Its use has allowed for an improved quality of life for
thousands of patients around the world.

SLT works by using laser light to stimulate the body’s own healing response to lower your eye pressure.
Prior to the procedure, eye drops will be given to prepare the eye for treatment. The laser applications
are applied through a regular physician microscope (slit lamp), similar to the one used for eye
examinations, using a special wavelength and energy, that only affects only pigmented (melanin
containing) cells of your eye unlike ALT which permanently damages and scars the eye. SLT improves
the flow of fluid in the eye, which in turn lowers your eye pressure.

SLT can reduce or eliminate the need to use daily glaucoma medications. Studies have shown that less
than 50% of glaucoma patients actually take their medications as prescribed and many stop taking them
due to the numerous side effects experienced, cost, busy lifestyle and all other daily variables and
challenges we all experience. Compliance is now controlled by your physician.


  • Safe: SLT is not associated with systemic side effects or the compliance and cost issues of
  • Selective: SLT utilizes selective photothermolysis to target only specific cells, leaving
    surrounding tissue intact.
  • Smart: SLT stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms to enhance outflow of the fluid in your
  • Sensible: SLT therapy is reimbursed by Medicare and other insurances minimizing out-of-
    pocket expenses.


Glaucoma – SLT Treatment; Your eye pressure may drop as quickly as in a day after having SLT
performed. The doctor may treat the eye with anti-inflammatory eye drops that will be continued for a
few days after the procedure. Patients have no limitations after their procedure and are able to drive
home. Patients will be scheduled for a follow up appointment to allow the physician to evaluate the


What are the side effects of SLT?

Unlike with glaucoma medications, there is no risk of allergy or systemic side-effects with SLT.
Complications are rare, but may include inflammation, temporary increase in eye pressure,
conjunctivitis, or eye pain. Unlike older laser procedures (such as ALT), SLT does not permanently
damage or scar the eye.

Will I feel anything with the laser treatment?

The laser treatment does not cause a sensation. You may see a green flash of light, and feel nothing
from the laser. The lens used on your eye may cause some temporary redness or irritation.

Will I still need to continue using my eyedrops following the SLT procedure?

It is well documented that Selective Laser Therapy (SLT) can reduce or eliminate your need for
glaucoma medications. Results will vary depending upon the severity of the disease.

Why SLT?

Most patients when given the option prefer to be treated with SLT Laser therapy than be prescribed
the immediate use of medications. Many individuals today are also concerned of the long term side
effects of medications or the effects of multiple medications being prescribed. Due to the abundance
of medications being prescribed today, patients are challenged to properly take their medications.
When discussing glaucoma therapies with your eye care professional, ask if you are a candidate for SLT

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