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What is an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

What Is An Oculoplastic Surgeon and What Do They Do?

The specialty of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery actually had its origins in World War II. A group of physicians began to develop an interest in better understanding trauma to the eyelids and orbital (around the eye) area. These physicians were originally trained as eye surgeons. They felt whom better to treat and operate on the eyelids and periocular areas than those physicians most trained in eye surgery.

The culmination of their research and studies led to the formation of The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) in 1969. This organization embodies those of us that have advanced training and experience in this highly specialized field of eyelid and facial surgery. The eyelid tissue requires a through understanding of the unique anatomy. My eye surgery background is invaluable in this understanding.

To become a member of ASOPRS, I had to (1) study at an approved fellowship for one year (training beyond the required eye training); (2) sit for both written and oral board exams, and; (3) do original research and have it published. My original research was “The Use of the CO2 Laser in Oculoplastic Surgery”. I am very proud of this work which has been presented at national meetings.

Being an Oculoplastic surgeon allows me to specialize in all fields of eyelid and periocular surgery. I perform surgery for (1) aesthetic, cosmetic eyelid rejuvenation (eyelid lifts, botox for wrinkles); (2) functional or malpositioned eyelids; (3) tumors of the eyelid, both benign and malignant, and; (4) tearing. Some tearing problems can be corrected without surgery, as can many eyelid conditions. Eyelid structures can be affected by normal aging changes, birth defects, injuries and inflammation. I have a special interest in dry eye, especially as it relates to the eyelids.

So as you can see, I belong to a very specialized group of physicians. In fact, there are only about 450 ASOPRS approved physicians nationally and internationally. This put me in a very elite group. I bring to my patients almost twenty years of experience in this field and feel uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of eyelid disorders and cosmetic eyelid surgery.

In general, I feel that more training and experience in an area does provide greater expertise. After graduating from medical school, I completed an internship, then three years of eye and eyelid surgery training, and one year specializing only in eyelid surgery. There is no other medical specialty that spends this much time training in eyelid surgery. Since many of the complications seen in eyelid surgery do affect the eyes, I feel that an oculoplastic surgeon is best trained to handle these problems. I have no desire to do cosmetic plastic surgery anywhere else in the body except the eyelids. I do not want to be an expert in everything. I have dedicated my entire career to this specialized area of functional and aesthetic eyelid surgery.

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